Migration Laws, Policies and Economics in Europe




This book presents an overview of legal framework of EU governing residence permits, employment pass and access to integration, describing the most frequent migration pathways employed by Bangladeshis in Italy. It discusses the migration trajectories, socio-demographic profile, the importance of remittances to Bangladesh, and the impact that Italian migration policy has had upon this group, as well as other non-EU nationals more generally. In this book rural household micro quantitative data have been collected from Bangladesh to explore the relationship between legal status, remittances and socioeconomic impact at the left behind household members. The empirical results suggest that there is economic variation between the documented and undocumented Bangladeshi migrants in Italy. This study also found that the rectification of immigration policy in Italy has covered the way for the emergence of some non-European emigrant communities in Italy including Bangladeshi community. It concludes with a discussion of the socio-cultural integration of the Bangladeshi migrants in Italy and their future integration opportunities to other EU nations.


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